Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fierce Competition in Technic Race Lego Game

In my childhood, I used to be fascinated with mini four-wheel-drive vehicles and often played together with other partners. The experience of chasing one after another sill makes me excited. Today ,we are going to introduce you a 3D racing game of building blocks, which will still excite you. Players need to drive cars at top speed in a 3D track filled with obstacles. Apart from avoiding those obstacles, they also need to collect energy nuts and challenge their ability to operate in order to become the final winner.
Racing Cars in Warehouses
The game is set in a 3D spacious warehouse with walls in all directions, which will certainly arise a feeling of depression in players. And they know that only by racing they can gain freedom again. The track is divided into multiple runways. The vehicles in the game are all cartoon cars of building blocks, which are not garish at all in its colors and fit the environment. The most important thing in the racing game is its accelerating effect. It is excellent in both its acceleration and airflow. And when players make a turn, the centrifugal force will make you feel you are personally on the scene. 
Collecting Props, thus being Invincible
Technic Race Lego is a very simple competing game. In the process of competing, players need to collect nuts on their ways. When the amounts of nuts reach its limits they will be into the "Invincible Stage". During this time, their vehicles will reach the Super-speed Stage by flaming when they do not need to consider the front baffles as obstacles. Hence, instead of avoiding obstacles they can crash through them.Although this is a simple game but developers integrate the invincible stage to encourage players to collect more props rather than accept the stage of frequently avoiding obstacles. Thus, they can experience the real competition.
Technic Race Lego
The simple system employed in this game provides players with the real racing competition. Its system is plain and simple but it will also give you a stroke of excitement, second to none. With every obstacles in tracks and magnificent racing effects, this game will surely give players a simple and passionate racing experience.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten minutes will give you a Bumblebee - 3D Drag Race Rush Game

3D Drag Race Rush is a racing car game. This game is characterized by its easy operation and vivid high-definition screen of CSR, the racing car game. Meanwhile, this game integrates classic car model, thus providing more choices for players. I bet you will relish in this game. If you like this game, then do not miss it!
With increasing racing car games, players are embracing higher expectations, especially about its screens. This game is vivid with its 3D. Such cars as Audi, Ferrari, Bumblebee, Nissan GT-R, BWM M3 will capture your heart immediately. How could this game miss eminent sound effect. In general , this game featuring prominent screens and musics is enough to be called elite. All prepared. Let’s see your driving skills.
3D Drag Race Rush Game

Fighting among  5 Streets; Speed Gets over City Night
The rule is easily understood. But the challenge is not that easy in our imagination. Every district is controlled by 5 motorcades separately, who are all skillful in driving and have excellent racing cars. In the game, players need to pass every level presented in maps. Only when you pass each level can you move to the next one. As for you, a man of no mark, how could you beat all of them and became the final winner? The key is to get awards through racing. Then you can buy Limousine and improve their performances.
Improve limos; Speed Is Your First Choice.
This game has powerful modifications system. What speed could your car reach at depends on the funds you have. When you have money you can improve your cars at will. It’s not a big deal if you do not understand what is turbocharger, engine, ECU. All that matter is your speed. If you are not satisfied with official car appearances, you can doodle them as you like. Make your own car; experience its speed.
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Angry Gran Run: India - Best Free 2015 3d Game

Angry Gran Run India is a funny and humorous 3D game. Players need to help a gran run vehemently to avoid various bizzare obstacles and difficulties, thus accomplishing her secret running. Look at this running gran who can jump high! Who will believe she is over 50s? Without further ado, let's give her a hand.
Bang, bang, bang! You will see a door slapped by this angry gran and she is running crazily on the road. This old gran has enough strength to get over anyone who stands in her way. What happened? Unbelievably, it was because she couldn't stand with the hospital life. So she run like a hell!
Angry Gran Run: India

Game Screen:3D setting Angry Gran Run India

Being in the screen, you will suddenly find the gran lives in a prosperous city! The scenes of the street enlightened by 3D indicate she is living in a prosperous city, mirroring her steady steps. Yet her steps are certainly funny with swinging feet. It seems to tell us that she is the most running gran!
Angry Gran Run: India Game

Game Experiences:awe, speed

Gran, gran, please wait for me! This gran runs so fast. She is testing our ability to response and flexibility to move fingers! It is awesome when she hits passengers away. But be careful, or the gran will hit those bizarre obstacles, especially in the corner because she runs so vehemently. As for me, I hit the wall several times. Can the developer set a brake?

Online Angry Gran Run: India Game

Tips: Exercise, and keep healthy

Look at this fit gran, you will guess what's the secret for her sound body? That is because she exercises a lot! By integrating you into a vivid game screen, audio effect, easy operations and innovative methods, you will experience a stroke of awe and fun. The funny gran will make you laugh all the day. I bet you will not want to stop when you are in the game. Join us and play!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lego Ninjago The Final Battle------Who will be the final winner?

It is a 3D visual angle game based on adventure of the Ninja. Now, you can change the Ninja destiny by using various skills to. Once getting the props in the scene, Lloyd, the default character would change into the character with relevant skills, including Jay (Ice), Kai(Fire), Cold(Soil), Zane(Thunder). There are big differences in both color and fighting styles. Regardless of their styles, you’ll feel cool when you fight the enemy down.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle

1.Game Graphics
Based on 3D engine, all the graphics and scenes are almost perfect instead of traditional boring fighting process.
2.Game Sound
Equipped with separate music, the sounding effect is not bad. Moreover, it is close to the scenes. Personally speaking, I like the sounding effect of fighting and skill releasing so much, as it has a high coordination between the two.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game Online

3.Game Process
The player is supposed to be in a fixed scene, and then keep eliminating the enemies. In this process, you can change into different characters while picking up different props. It’s easy to operate as you need only to keep eliminating them. Though it’s a fast-style game and there are only six levels.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game

4.Game Instructions
Through out the game, you’re supposed to use the direction key and the space bar only. Since the graphics are all very fluent, the players can enjoy a nice experience.
Play Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game

5.Game Aids
If you collect all the four skills of Ice, Fire, Soil and Thunder, you will unlock the most powerful fighting character---Gold Saints by pressing the golden clock appeared on your screen. It’s really cool and exciting!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Overtorque Stunt Racing - 3D Racing Games

Drag racing is a dream that a lot of men are very desirable,however, in reality,due to various reasons,this desire is difficult to achieve. But today we can achieve this super desire entirely,because Overtorque Stunt Racing Games can help you achieve the dream of racing.

This game is use of a new simulation racing engine,and the complete 3D mph hurricane comes. There are four kinds of modes in Overtorque Stunt Racing,track、game racing drift events. Even you can control the police car make people tremble with fear on hearing of racing. More than 4 carefully selected cool sports car you can choose,if you want to unlock you need for certain costs.

The key ↑↓ of Keyboard can control the direction,and the key←→ control forward and backward. If you want to use nitrous oxide you can click the space key/W. By the S key you can see rear view mirror. Besides,T key is to switch angle,the R key to reset the racing,and shift emergency brake drift. With a variety of uncontrollable natural environment, you can challenge it anytime and, experience the fun of the hurricane.

Inexhaustible stimulation and pleasure are all in Overtorque Stunt Racing - 3D Racing Games,so come on and enjoy the experience!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

3D Games - The Popularity of the Racing Games

It is often found that the kids as well as the adults almost stay glued to the computer screen these days. The reason is the new kind of games that have been launched. You might be aware of the popularity of the 3D games that have become common these days. These games are much more interactive and creative than the 2D games that were popular previously.
Different kinds of 3D games have become popular these days. Among them racing games are the favorite of the kids as well as the adults. Racing games have always provided thrill and an adrenalin rush to people who play. Now with the introduction of the 3D racing games things have become more attractive. These racing games include a number of vehicles like cars, spaceships, boats as well as barrels.
These games are becoming more complex because of the introduction of the 3D technology. Most of the 3D racing games is ready to download and play. There are websites which offer these games for free. You can download the game without registering and paying for it. You can start playing as you finish downloading the game in your system. There are creative racing games that have been made popular with the help of the 3D technology.
To choose the best 3D games on racing you can compare the games offered for free. You can create a list of comparison and find out which of the games offer the ultimate excitement. You might find most of the games equally engaging and exciting as they are played with 3D technology. Watching the 3D racing games is almost like watching real life racing. The effects that are offered by 3D provide a real life feeling to the game.
This is a major reason why the 3D games have become so popular these days. There are certain old racing games which are now being converted to 3D just to give the excellent experience of playing in the 3D technology. The previous 2D games are now being released with an advanced 3D technology. The demand for the old racing games in a new package has increased over the past years.
There are various companies which develop the 3D games. There are various steps that a game needs to go through to offer a 3 dimensional look. The 3 dimensional games offer an interactive method for the players. The 3D racing games have a number of levels through which the player needs to move. Once the player completes a level he is transported to the next level which is a bit tough than the previous level.
The player needs to complete the race within a stipulated period. Failing to do that the player needs to start the game all over again. Some of these games are multi player games and two or more players can take part in the race. Playing with a real life opponent surely makes the game much more interesting. The 3 dimensional games are here to stay.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Counter Strike 1.6 Game Online |

     A lot of game player love Counter Strike 1.6 game, particularly for men around the world game players, the game has always been the classic of gunfight game .Because Counter Strike 1.6 is hot,and many game developers are imitated, developed a number of shooting games, like a large online stand-alone version, online version, multiplayer and so on, which give our life a lot of fun. But today I want to bring a new version of the classic game-Counter Strike 1.6, because it incorporates the latest 3D technology,a 3D online Shooting Games, playing more realistic, more exciting.

     In this 3D online Shooting Games , in fact, your role is a Counter-Strike, and your task is to kill the enemy, to win the final victory.But winning the final victory is not so easy,because if you are accidentally killed by the enemy,you have to start over again. Counter Strike 1.6 can be divided into three modes, easy, medium and hard.If you are a novice, I strongly suggest that you'd better play simple mode,otherwise you will easily be killed.Only when you are familiar with the operation of the game and the map, you can step forward, using the method of your nimble to kill the enemy, so then you can easily pass the hard mode.

     At the beginning of the game, you can choose your love firearms, but generally speaking, your choice is very limited,because you are a novice, and you have not achieved the certain success and victory, so you have no points, then you may not buy you love gun.And if you continue to win and earn more points, you can buy better weapons and equipment.You know, only carrying a better guns, wearing bulletproof vests, bring on the night vision goggles, backpack with a few smoke grenades and bombs, then you can give yourself a better protection,you have more force to attack the enemy

     3D integration is greatly increasing the big aspect to this 3D online Shooting Games.You can feel the real battle scenes,hear gunfire rumble of the battlefield, personally feel that exciting atmosphere.This can inspire you to get ready for combat, in the premise of no injured, no death, to destroy the enemy .In the vision, picture clarity and fidelity is unmatched by other gun games; in the hearing, all the sound of gunfire, machine guns, you can hear very true,all of which will undoubtedly add the game more attractive, so the number of game players constantly surging also can understand.

     Counter Strike 1.6 is a classic,which all the game players can not miss.In Counter Strike 1.6,You can kill the enemy, enjoy the pleasure!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rally Point 4 Game - Racing Games

Race all sorts of vehicles on challenging terrain! Rally Point 4 lets you drive rally cars, big trucks, and street racers. You will skid across sand in the desert and snow on frozen mountains. Enjoy 3D graphics as you set time trial records in the jungle!Win races by beating the target times and unlock new vehicles and tracks! Use Nitro for an extra boost and drift the rally street turns, but be careful not to overheat your engine!Pick one out of 9 rally cars, and test your driving skills in this 3D Rally Driving game! Can you drive a s a pro rally driver? Drive through the dry desert, conquer few snowy driving tracks, and end your driving journey by racing through the dense jungle by playing Rally Point 4th part game! Use WASD or Arrow Keys to steer, Shift or X to drift, Z to activate nitro boost and R to reset the rally car back on the track.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Freefall Tournament Game - 3D Shooting Game

FreeFall Tournament is a free to play 3D browser based third-person shooter by Free Range Games. In FreeFall players can choose from 8 different classes (Gunner, Tank, Tech, Scout, Blazer, Blaster, Shocker and Assassin), each equipped with unique abilities and weapons. Each class has their own playstyle, from the Blazer who comes equipped with a flame thrower and secondary heat rifle to the Assassin who focuses on stealth and toxic melee weapons!In FreeFall players will be able to jetpack around the large open maps while engaging in both melee and range midair combat, with each player quickly moving around the map picking up power ups scattered across the levels. Gravity is also a non limiting factor as players are able to jump off the sides of maps only to find themselves inverted and instead fighting on the belly of the map,this makes for some incredible aerial maneuvers made easier by the target-locking mechanic which allows a player to focus in on a target in order to better aim and engage. Stray too far away from the target, however, and risk losing the lock-on allowing the enemy to quickly create distance and escape harm.

Nba Hoop Troop Game - Free Online Games

NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Game – NBA Hoop Troop is the most recent addition to the long list of ICE branded sports-themed redemption games.First of all, to play this 3d and 2 on 2 basketball game, you must allow unity 3d plugin by clicking icon where is at the right above screen of your browser bar! In my opinion NBA Hoop Troop is perfect unity 3D basketball game of cartoon networks, but if your computer is fast, you can play easily! First, you must choose your basketball team which their capabilities (ball handling, speed, shooting, ups, dunking) were written on the game screen, we advise that be careful on this point! Then choose your location (arena, rooftop or beach) to start this awesome 2 on 2 basketball game in which there are big headed players! In game, use arrow keys to move, X key to change player or to spin, Z key to pass or to steal, spacebar to shoot for your pro hoops or to block (tap : punk fake). Have fun before real life team sports, especially basketball!Other games encourage basic math skills by having students calculate scores using both regular two-point shots and the more difficult three-point basket.

Stealth 3d Game - Free Online Games

If you play this game once, you will be not disappeared. Choose this fantastic 3D game and do everything to alive and to find the key to it's solution. Are you ready? So, do not let your chance to slip! Submit this game!Stealth Hunter is an awesome espionage game where your aim is to utilize the stealth techniques and accomplish various missions through different challenging levels. In order to clear a level, you need to stay alive without being detected by enemy soldiers and carry out various different tasks such as finding hints to pass through various obstacles, sliently killing enemy guards by breaking their necks etc. Also you have limited lives so be careful while initiating any move.

Pumpkin Hordes Game - Shooting Games

Pumpkin Head is one of the hottest games interesting and that you have prepared them in so that we can have fun as quickly and as well in a way that no one else has did it a. It seems that you will be kind of zombie hunter and you'll have to neutralize them all as quickly as possible. What you do not know this time is that they will be zombie pumpkin head and be more dangerous as the normal. They have different magical abilities, so do not let them get close to you in any way. You will have at hand a sniper where you shoot how you can you good and hard. Once you manage to knock one of them will get some lights as his soul was released and there is full of evil. You will have to deal with all the zombies and do whatever you need so that lest you lose any of the following tasks. Be prepared to not go wrong somehow, and then give us a like if you enjoyed!Halloween it's almost here, so if you like to play unity 3d halloween games, then you should play this one. Pumpkin Hordes is an unity 3d halloween game where you must stop hordes of evil pumpkins because they want to destroy Halloween. To do this, you will use a powerful sniper rifle. Prove that you are a very skilled sniper and take them down before they destroy Halloween. Play Pumpkin Hordes and have fun.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bow Master Halloween - Free Online Games

Bow Master Halloween Game:This Halloween you are playing the role of a brave archer, it's the perfect time to hunt for wisps in spooky places! Get ready and shoot the tricky spirits as fast as possible so that you can achieve a high score. Try to aim at the orbs through all the crazy obstacles and find the hidden pumpkin. Test your archery skills in this new game and stop the wisps from taking over the night!Different wisps have different tricks - some vanish or hide, some trigger actions that reveal other targets and some are just plain hard to hit! Speed and accuracy will earn you extra points. Keep an eye out for the secret pumpkin in each level to score even more bonus points. Enter the graveyard and start hunting those wisps now!

Wild Warfare - Free Online Shooting Games

Wild Warfare is a F2P, multiplayer FPS made for players that enjoy fun and/or being a bear. It's a mix of crazy game modes, balanced classes, simple controls and intense matches. Its got vehicle combat, because why not? You can even be a bunny that clubs people with a wrench!Inspired by old school shooters, it seeks to capture the fun and fur-ious action of classic era multiplayer games. There ain’t no regenerating health or quick-scoping here. If you enjoy classic arcade action with well balanced gameplay, crazy characters, and bears with mini-guns, this is exactly that game,if you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

Tini Heli - Free Online Games

Are you ready to become the best helicopter driver? Then do not let your chance to slip! In this game you just have to control this vehicle and follow the arrow,hop on your little helicopter and fly through the neighborhood. Tini Heli helps you learn precision and maneuvering a helicopter into tight turns. You have to go through a number of levels with increasingly difficult challenges. There are obstacles all around you so watch out! Everything is so simple! Just have faith in yourself and show us that you are the best pilot! Vanquish this game!

Auto Smash 3d Game - Online 3D Games

Welcome to the fast-paced Auto Smash 3D! See what happens when a pedestrian crosses of a roadway reckless: the young lady has been approached. That is enough once and for all, and so she declares war on all damn automobiles. It's your job to help her to pitch her branded footwear upon speeding cars causing mayhem and destruction. Throw your shoes at the oncoming traffic to create mass destruction. In this fast paced 3D game you need to dodge cars, throw shoes and stay alive for as long as possible!Gain cash, demolish cars and toss as much shoes as you can.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Leopard In The Wild - Online Games

World Of Hunting Game - Online Games

Play 3D animal hunting game and try your skills – World Of Hunting. Run around the woods and hunt the specified animals. Persecution and shoot different prey to win trophies, experience and a better deer rifle. To play the game use arrow keys to control the hunter and use mouse to zoom and shoot. The 3d unity hunting game feature 4 different places where you can find different animals. Starting with the mountain hunting are where you must hunt the stag and other animals that can be found in the mountain area. Animals like bears, foxes, rabbits deer and wolves. The World Of Hunting game it's filled with stunning 3D creatures and scenes to immerse you into your surroundings. There are different sounds for each shooting place. And you will find all kind of animals to shoot. Return to the wilderness in the most realistic 3d unity shooting game here on vitality games. 

Verkeerstalent Game - Free Online Games

Try drive a car in this responsible driving game. Stop on the red lights, use turn signals and obey the speed limits to earn a good score. Beware of a police.

3d Parking School Bus Mania - Online 3D Games

3d Parking School Bus Mania Game:Your task in this game is to take a bus ride of the city, driving through the narrow streets, and try to park in a prominent spot, the entire test accuracy, style and parking skills 12 increasingly challenging levels,run your bus engine by pressing the Start button, tilt your screen to drive the vehicle from one destination to the next checkpoint, following the arrow, and park it in the outlined spot.  These things need your utmost attention become a professional driver with heavy traffic vehicles like school buses! Speed and turns are the basic challenges that you need to give attention! These huge vehicles is not only challenging the boot, but you have to pick the kids to school facts every day means you always have to be careful not to crash.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mafia Driver Omerta - Unity 3D Games

Your task is to do everything possible to overcome the problems that the game is constantly creating. You play as a Mafioso who's always driving his car. In the game you will have instructions that you must fulfill. Be careful, however, to watch out for a time limit has not expired before you meet the challenges,bring back the nostalgia of the early 20th century Chicago and get behind the wheel of some of the most amazing vintage cars and experience the life as a Mafia Driver!Omerta is a skill driving and parking game that will test your speed, finesse and tactical ability to the fullest. Featuring incredibly detailed vintage cars and a stunning, realistic 3D city where you can roam freely, Mafia Driver Omerta offers three types of missions assigned to you by your mob bosses,these missions will have you running mundane tasks for your boss, picking up associates and delivering them to safe houses and secret booze mills. The challenge is getting through your waypoints in the fastest time possible, while making sure you get there without a single scratch on the car!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wrath Of The Titans - 3D Shooting Game

TFreakin awesome 3D sword-fighting adventure game! en years later, he defeated the Kraken, Perseus, the demigod son of Zeus, and now lives with his 10 year old son, Helius fisherman. One night, Perseus is visited Zeus, who told him that the decline of the power of God and hell hell prison walls is broken, from the lack of human and national prayer. The potential threat of military confrontation in the world they need, but show little interest in Perseus, and refused to participate. After Zeus went to hell to meet his brother Hades and Poseidon, god of war, and his son. He told Hades that they must forget the past and unite to rebuild Hell, Hades has ordered his minions attack. They seriously hurt Poseidon, the god of war and betrayal Perseus Zeus display more affection to his prisoner, and stole his thunder. The power of Zeus, Hades and Ares planning schedule to restore their father Cronus in exchange for a two lasts. Hell walls rupture, releasing the monster world. One monster, Chimera, attacked the village of Perseus and his old sword and armor, after Perseus killed fighting the Chimera, which ignited by choking each other head, which is responsible for constantly leaking jet fuel man, he then released, it ignited a whole organism, such as Chimera, now covered with flammable fuel.

Angry Orcs FPS Game - Free 3D Games

Play online for free here on brighty games unity Angry Orcs 3D FPS games. Are you bored by playing critical strike FPS, and you are looking for something special to make you addicted? Here you would find another FPS game with great control and feature that will make you play it forever. You are on another planet and your task is to kill 35 enemies who are here and there. Do not be lazy, kill them all. So enjoy free online action pack unity 3D shooting games online here on brighty games and become the ultimate orc killing machine out there. Also try other similar new fresh unity 3D action multiplayer games. Angry Orcs FPS is a unity online shooting game set on a sci-fi map with high quality graphics. This is a demo game for unity shooter engine but it is very well done and guarantees a great playing experience for those who try it. Trace the orcs and kill them while avoiding or destroying the shooting drones. Practice your skills in this first person shooter unity game.

Highway Racer 3d - 3D Games

Highway Racer 3D is an astonishing unity 3d driving game where your biggest mission is to drive at highspeed on highway while avoiding all cars. Pass near other cars at high speeds and earn more and more money. With money, you can buy new and more powerfull cars and upgrade existing ones. You can upgrade all parts of your car, choose colors and so on. Play Highway Racer 3D and you will have alot of fun,highway Racer is an intense game of speed and dexterity, as you need to collect points by passing by cars very closely, and all that on a busy highway. More points you get – better car you can buy. In 3D highway mission you have two options to get those pesky red sports cars off the road: pick up a shield that will make your truck impervious to damage and run them over, forcing them off the highway, or pick up the ammo carts and shoot them as you close in, making them burst in flames and explode.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Busman Parking 3d - Play on 3D Games

Busman Parking 3d is very interesting bus parking game where you have to drive a bus and park on the correct place. You have to drive and control your bus by using arrow keys and drive at the right speed as it's a parking place and other buses are parked so don't crash. In each level there is a time limit to drive and park your bus, so drive and park your bus before you run out of time, you have see the arrow which indicates your parking place and reach there to finish the level successfully. With your progress each level will be more challenging and you have to use your driving abilities to park your bus without damaging it!Play as a bus driver in this 3D parking game! Follow the directions to find your parking spot and park your bus in the correct direction. To achieve the best score possible, park the bus quickly and without crashing. You'll lose the challenge if you fail to park within the time limit or crash three times.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Burnin Rubber 5 - 3D Games

Burnin 'Rubber 5 is already the fifth installment awesome 3d racing game in which you will be on different tracks to race against other riders. Your beefy sports car is also equipped with weapons, which can be disposed of and slow down other drivers. For earned money buy new weapons and other upgrades for your car.The latest game in the Burnin' Rubber 5 series. 50(!) vehicles, 30+ challenges, boss battles and the biggest, baddest endboss you will ever encounter!Drive through the town, target cars and trucks and destroy them using the missiles and machine gun you have on you. Collect points and purchase over 15 cars and types of weapons including lasers and cannon fire. ? Features great looking 3D, bunch of cars, models and big city and, of course – huge amount of action. Complete missions as you go, shoot at enemies, collect bonuses and have fun!3D graphics, animation and sound effects of squeaking tires and many other sounds that will delight you. The game is suitable for all ages especially for race fans. We wish you great fun and even better race in this fantastic racing game! Opponents have no chance against you!Remember to come back often because we add at least one new game every day!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Play Phosphor Beta 2 - Online 3D Games

Phosphor Beta 2 is an online shooter, ensuring hours of fun in front of all his enemies shooting. It is strongly recommended, if you like, like an earthquake or a Counter-Strike game. Before you begin, you can customize phosphorus Beta 2 buttons and controls you can also set the audio, video and configure the server to play with others online. Phosphor Beta 2 version is still a Beta, you can catch some time, but in our tests everything is working properly. Press ~, then press the invincible God, according to weapons get all weapons and ammunition 999999 and press ghosts through walls! Phosphor Beta 77.8 out of 100 150 805 after the players you play as a grade 2. Which is full of action, and has great graphics and sound effects. You must determine the opponent, and kill them with your gun.

Candy Mountain Massacre Revenge - Play Online Games

Candy Mountain Massacre Revenge, a free online 3d action game united by an adult swim. Ready to enter the world of candy, shoot all use different types of weapons, your way. With the adoption of each level, the difficulty increases the enemy once! The difficulty is not to make the trip, in which as many as possible to shoot a task! You need to play the heroine fighting against the enemy, kill them. Candy Mountain land animals happy and sweet, until the plague into a lunatic killer. In this game you live candy, terminate, its task is to go to the top of the hill, sneak into the castle and master queen. She is the source of all evil. But be very careful, because it will throw everything they can at you.

High Speed 3D Racing - Free Online Primary Games

High Speed 3D Racing has you competing across twenty tracks in an effort to become the top racer. You start your career out as a rookie and slowly work your way up through the ranks. The first few races get you familiar with the car’s controls and from there you face a wide range of opponents,you will not have the right to enter all of the storylines distraction, you gradually unlock six racing challenge. You start with a simple challenge is to complete the first progress in the game drift challenge, the challenge demolition derby and so on. You can choose your track and the world (gradually unlocked), and the number before each game opponents on the track.As you complete races, you will earn prize money that can be used in the Race Illegal: High Speed 3D garage to upgrade your existing car or buy a new ride.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Skill 3D Parking Police Station Game

Steer speedy police cars into open parking spots! Skill 3d parking police station puts you into exotic vehicles. You must drive around stationary obstacles on the way to the perfect space. Don't crash your expensive car!The exciting interface and high-definition graphics will make an exhilarating play that you won't want to put down. After a full day of chasing the most wanted criminals and patrolling the city streets, at the end of your duty you need to park your vehicle at the police station and to end your shift. Show your colleagues that you are not a rookie cop, by successfully maneuvering your car to the indicated police stand. The police officers must be the best drivers because they are model for the others. You need to skillfully drive your car through various obstacles and to avoid them. Don't hit the other cars parked along the way! Can you handle the challenge? Complete each level with three stars and show the world that you are the master of the parking lot! Test your parking skills in 36 unique and cool levels and try to push your times to perfection by quickly finding the fastest and most accessible route to your parking destination.

Mobil 1 Racing Academy - Online 3D Games

Mobil 1 Racing Academy, a great racing game. Beginning of the game, you choose your mentor,, you can click to switch between the two garage doors instructors. Each tutor has three courses, schedule his lesson: Hamilton Kart, British Formula Three and the Grand Prix, and Stewart and dwarf cars, open wheel and NASCAR. Once in the game, you will accelerate, brake and steering using the [arrow keys]. When you accelerate uninterrupted, over time, will illuminate you. When lit, hitting activate it, and get extra speed jump. Use the arrow keys to control your car, improved speed. Switch to full screen mode, and even better racing experience. With exciting new features and performance enhancements, select the drive, drive as fast as you can experience the speed and passion, and win the final victory!

You want to be a hero?

You want to be a hero? 300: Grab your glory. A new chapter in the sea to take action scenes. Unity of all Greece's powerful Persian navy. It's time for the rise of an empire. You will help to combat the invasion of the Persian navy, led by the Greek general  sea battle. In combat, you basically walk around and through the power of the enemy with your sword slash your way, you can use your shield, and pull off some of the combo moves,show off their skills with a sword to kill your enemies, protect yourself by blocking attacks with your shield. Do not have to use your bow to prevent them from invading your ship last showdown, you will face your boat deck Persian sailors. Sparta join this amazing fighting game. In order to maintain the supreme honor, warriors fighting has spread to the sea. Who will be the imperial lord? Join the fight!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shooter Engine 2.4 Play Game online Free

Shooter Engine 2.4 is another unity 3d zombie shooting game. In Shooter Engine 2.4, the government send two elite trained soldiers to eliminate the zombie nest from the national laboratory. Of course, you are one of these soldiers. Use your weapons, a shotgun, a machine gun and a suppressed rifle to eliminate all zombies and to stay alive. Enjoy. Instructions:To play Shooter Engine 2.4, you will use arrow keys or W,A,S,D keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot, SPACE bar to jump and scroll or 1,2,3 keys to switch weapons.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Animal Hunter 3d - 3D Shooting Game

Animal Hunter 3D is a fun shooting game! Hunter came to the jungle alone in the face of ferocious beasts, he must remain vigilant, with the hand gun to get rid of them!

The Muck Wars – 3d games 77

The Muck Wars is a Unity 3D game that will definitely love it. Get yourself ready to go into past when Simon Welk ruled Hub City. Together with your friends you succeed to complete all the missions and get rid the planet from enemy invasion.