Friday, April 3, 2015

Mafia Driver Omerta - Unity 3D Games

Your task is to do everything possible to overcome the problems that the game is constantly creating. You play as a Mafioso who's always driving his car. In the game you will have instructions that you must fulfill. Be careful, however, to watch out for a time limit has not expired before you meet the challenges,bring back the nostalgia of the early 20th century Chicago and get behind the wheel of some of the most amazing vintage cars and experience the life as a Mafia Driver!Omerta is a skill driving and parking game that will test your speed, finesse and tactical ability to the fullest. Featuring incredibly detailed vintage cars and a stunning, realistic 3D city where you can roam freely, Mafia Driver Omerta offers three types of missions assigned to you by your mob bosses,these missions will have you running mundane tasks for your boss, picking up associates and delivering them to safe houses and secret booze mills. The challenge is getting through your waypoints in the fastest time possible, while making sure you get there without a single scratch on the car!