Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fierce Competition in Technic Race Lego Game

In my childhood, I used to be fascinated with mini four-wheel-drive vehicles and often played together with other partners. The experience of chasing one after another sill makes me excited. Today ,we are going to introduce you a 3D racing game of building blocks, which will still excite you. Players need to drive cars at top speed in a 3D track filled with obstacles. Apart from avoiding those obstacles, they also need to collect energy nuts and challenge their ability to operate in order to become the final winner.
Racing Cars in Warehouses
The game is set in a 3D spacious warehouse with walls in all directions, which will certainly arise a feeling of depression in players. And they know that only by racing they can gain freedom again. The track is divided into multiple runways. The vehicles in the game are all cartoon cars of building blocks, which are not garish at all in its colors and fit the environment. The most important thing in the racing game is its accelerating effect. It is excellent in both its acceleration and airflow. And when players make a turn, the centrifugal force will make you feel you are personally on the scene. 
Collecting Props, thus being Invincible
Technic Race Lego is a very simple competing game. In the process of competing, players need to collect nuts on their ways. When the amounts of nuts reach its limits they will be into the "Invincible Stage". During this time, their vehicles will reach the Super-speed Stage by flaming when they do not need to consider the front baffles as obstacles. Hence, instead of avoiding obstacles they can crash through them.Although this is a simple game but developers integrate the invincible stage to encourage players to collect more props rather than accept the stage of frequently avoiding obstacles. Thus, they can experience the real competition.
Technic Race Lego
The simple system employed in this game provides players with the real racing competition. Its system is plain and simple but it will also give you a stroke of excitement, second to none. With every obstacles in tracks and magnificent racing effects, this game will surely give players a simple and passionate racing experience.

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