Sunday, May 5, 2013

Online Red Crucible 2 Game - 3D Games

Red Crucible 2 Game - 3D Games
Red Crucible 2 Game

When we finish the busy work, having a good relaxation is a very good thing. Some people choose to go for a walk,travel,and some people are keen on the game,the intense fighting you can make your blood boils with indignation. Here I will introduce a exciting game,the 3D Games - Red Crucible 2 Game.

The super hot shooting game-"Red Crucible 2",which is the web page edition of the war game,in which you can use thein-game weapons,vehicles and other equipment from reality,also have all kinds of game characters in the model, but it is required a certain amount of points you can get in the game process. Highly modified 3D engine gives you the infinite joy of screen and sound .Hot of the game is more than domestic CF game,and you don't need to log in,do not need to wait,you can simply with the friends from all over the world to fight together. 3D Games - Red Crucible 2 Game waits for you to join.

As for the mode of operation,and is generally like the FPS game. WASD is to control the character direction,Q key is to close the gun run mode,E is to download the tool,right-click Fand mouse is to sight different weapons to enlarge,and the space bar is jumping.

Here I want to remind everyone,in large battles,remember that if you do not upload with words,don't stand in the carrier side,because the vehicle fire can make your death. And in time with the load,the mouse torsion is the vehicle battery direction,and torsional angle,while the WASD operates key vehicle direction and operation.

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