Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fierce Competition in Technic Race Lego Game

In my childhood, I used to be fascinated with mini four-wheel-drive vehicles and often played together with other partners. The experience of chasing one after another sill makes me excited. Today ,we are going to introduce you a 3D racing game of building blocks, which will still excite you. Players need to drive cars at top speed in a 3D track filled with obstacles. Apart from avoiding those obstacles, they also need to collect energy nuts and challenge their ability to operate in order to become the final winner.
Racing Cars in Warehouses
The game is set in a 3D spacious warehouse with walls in all directions, which will certainly arise a feeling of depression in players. And they know that only by racing they can gain freedom again. The track is divided into multiple runways. The vehicles in the game are all cartoon cars of building blocks, which are not garish at all in its colors and fit the environment. The most important thing in the racing game is its accelerating effect. It is excellent in both its acceleration and airflow. And when players make a turn, the centrifugal force will make you feel you are personally on the scene. 
Collecting Props, thus being Invincible
Technic Race Lego is a very simple competing game. In the process of competing, players need to collect nuts on their ways. When the amounts of nuts reach its limits they will be into the "Invincible Stage". During this time, their vehicles will reach the Super-speed Stage by flaming when they do not need to consider the front baffles as obstacles. Hence, instead of avoiding obstacles they can crash through them.Although this is a simple game but developers integrate the invincible stage to encourage players to collect more props rather than accept the stage of frequently avoiding obstacles. Thus, they can experience the real competition.
Technic Race Lego
The simple system employed in this game provides players with the real racing competition. Its system is plain and simple but it will also give you a stroke of excitement, second to none. With every obstacles in tracks and magnificent racing effects, this game will surely give players a simple and passionate racing experience.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten minutes will give you a Bumblebee - 3D Drag Race Rush Game

3D Drag Race Rush is a racing car game. This game is characterized by its easy operation and vivid high-definition screen of CSR, the racing car game. Meanwhile, this game integrates classic car model, thus providing more choices for players. I bet you will relish in this game. If you like this game, then do not miss it!
With increasing racing car games, players are embracing higher expectations, especially about its screens. This game is vivid with its 3D. Such cars as Audi, Ferrari, Bumblebee, Nissan GT-R, BWM M3 will capture your heart immediately. How could this game miss eminent sound effect. In general , this game featuring prominent screens and musics is enough to be called elite. All prepared. Let’s see your driving skills.
3D Drag Race Rush Game

Fighting among  5 Streets; Speed Gets over City Night
The rule is easily understood. But the challenge is not that easy in our imagination. Every district is controlled by 5 motorcades separately, who are all skillful in driving and have excellent racing cars. In the game, players need to pass every level presented in maps. Only when you pass each level can you move to the next one. As for you, a man of no mark, how could you beat all of them and became the final winner? The key is to get awards through racing. Then you can buy Limousine and improve their performances.
Improve limos; Speed Is Your First Choice.
This game has powerful modifications system. What speed could your car reach at depends on the funds you have. When you have money you can improve your cars at will. It’s not a big deal if you do not understand what is turbocharger, engine, ECU. All that matter is your speed. If you are not satisfied with official car appearances, you can doodle them as you like. Make your own car; experience its speed.
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Angry Gran Run: India - Best Free 2015 3d Game

Angry Gran Run India is a funny and humorous 3D game. Players need to help a gran run vehemently to avoid various bizzare obstacles and difficulties, thus accomplishing her secret running. Look at this running gran who can jump high! Who will believe she is over 50s? Without further ado, let's give her a hand.
Bang, bang, bang! You will see a door slapped by this angry gran and she is running crazily on the road. This old gran has enough strength to get over anyone who stands in her way. What happened? Unbelievably, it was because she couldn't stand with the hospital life. So she run like a hell!
Angry Gran Run: India

Game Screen:3D setting Angry Gran Run India

Being in the screen, you will suddenly find the gran lives in a prosperous city! The scenes of the street enlightened by 3D indicate she is living in a prosperous city, mirroring her steady steps. Yet her steps are certainly funny with swinging feet. It seems to tell us that she is the most running gran!
Angry Gran Run: India Game

Game Experiences:awe, speed

Gran, gran, please wait for me! This gran runs so fast. She is testing our ability to response and flexibility to move fingers! It is awesome when she hits passengers away. But be careful, or the gran will hit those bizarre obstacles, especially in the corner because she runs so vehemently. As for me, I hit the wall several times. Can the developer set a brake?

Online Angry Gran Run: India Game

Tips: Exercise, and keep healthy

Look at this fit gran, you will guess what's the secret for her sound body? That is because she exercises a lot! By integrating you into a vivid game screen, audio effect, easy operations and innovative methods, you will experience a stroke of awe and fun. The funny gran will make you laugh all the day. I bet you will not want to stop when you are in the game. Join us and play!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lego Ninjago The Final Battle------Who will be the final winner?

It is a 3D visual angle game based on adventure of the Ninja. Now, you can change the Ninja destiny by using various skills to. Once getting the props in the scene, Lloyd, the default character would change into the character with relevant skills, including Jay (Ice), Kai(Fire), Cold(Soil), Zane(Thunder). There are big differences in both color and fighting styles. Regardless of their styles, you’ll feel cool when you fight the enemy down.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle

1.Game Graphics
Based on 3D engine, all the graphics and scenes are almost perfect instead of traditional boring fighting process.
2.Game Sound
Equipped with separate music, the sounding effect is not bad. Moreover, it is close to the scenes. Personally speaking, I like the sounding effect of fighting and skill releasing so much, as it has a high coordination between the two.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game Online

3.Game Process
The player is supposed to be in a fixed scene, and then keep eliminating the enemies. In this process, you can change into different characters while picking up different props. It’s easy to operate as you need only to keep eliminating them. Though it’s a fast-style game and there are only six levels.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game

4.Game Instructions
Through out the game, you’re supposed to use the direction key and the space bar only. Since the graphics are all very fluent, the players can enjoy a nice experience.
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5.Game Aids
If you collect all the four skills of Ice, Fire, Soil and Thunder, you will unlock the most powerful fighting character---Gold Saints by pressing the golden clock appeared on your screen. It’s really cool and exciting!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Overtorque Stunt Racing - 3D Racing Games

Drag racing is a dream that a lot of men are very desirable,however, in reality,due to various reasons,this desire is difficult to achieve. But today we can achieve this super desire entirely,because Overtorque Stunt Racing Games can help you achieve the dream of racing.

This game is use of a new simulation racing engine,and the complete 3D mph hurricane comes. There are four kinds of modes in Overtorque Stunt Racing,track、game racing drift events. Even you can control the police car make people tremble with fear on hearing of racing. More than 4 carefully selected cool sports car you can choose,if you want to unlock you need for certain costs.

The key ↑↓ of Keyboard can control the direction,and the key←→ control forward and backward. If you want to use nitrous oxide you can click the space key/W. By the S key you can see rear view mirror. Besides,T key is to switch angle,the R key to reset the racing,and shift emergency brake drift. With a variety of uncontrollable natural environment, you can challenge it anytime and, experience the fun of the hurricane.

Inexhaustible stimulation and pleasure are all in Overtorque Stunt Racing - 3D Racing Games,so come on and enjoy the experience!

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