Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Counter Strike 1.6 Game Online | 3dgames77.com

     A lot of game player love Counter Strike 1.6 game, particularly for men around the world game players, the game has always been the classic of gunfight game .Because Counter Strike 1.6 is hot,and many game developers are imitated, developed a number of shooting games, like a large online stand-alone version, online version, multiplayer and so on, which give our life a lot of fun. But today I want to bring a new version of the classic game-Counter Strike 1.6, because it incorporates the latest 3D technology,a 3D online Shooting Games, playing more realistic, more exciting.

     In this 3D online Shooting Games , in fact, your role is a Counter-Strike, and your task is to kill the enemy, to win the final victory.But winning the final victory is not so easy,because if you are accidentally killed by the enemy,you have to start over again. Counter Strike 1.6 can be divided into three modes, easy, medium and hard.If you are a novice, I strongly suggest that you'd better play simple mode,otherwise you will easily be killed.Only when you are familiar with the operation of the game and the map, you can step forward, using the method of your nimble to kill the enemy, so then you can easily pass the hard mode.

     At the beginning of the game, you can choose your love firearms, but generally speaking, your choice is very limited,because you are a novice, and you have not achieved the certain success and victory, so you have no points, then you may not buy you love gun.And if you continue to win and earn more points, you can buy better weapons and equipment.You know, only carrying a better guns, wearing bulletproof vests, bring on the night vision goggles, backpack with a few smoke grenades and bombs, then you can give yourself a better protection,you have more force to attack the enemy

     3D integration is greatly increasing the big aspect to this 3D online Shooting Games.You can feel the real battle scenes,hear gunfire rumble of the battlefield, personally feel that exciting atmosphere.This can inspire you to get ready for combat, in the premise of no injured, no death, to destroy the enemy .In the vision, picture clarity and fidelity is unmatched by other gun games; in the hearing, all the sound of gunfire, machine guns, you can hear very true,all of which will undoubtedly add the game more attractive, so the number of game players constantly surging also can understand.

     Counter Strike 1.6 is a classic,which all the game players can not miss.In Counter Strike 1.6,You can kill the enemy, enjoy the pleasure!

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