Saturday, August 27, 2011

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With the rapid development of Internet, online games market has been endowed with huge power. The quality of online games is being perfected while the number is steadily on the increase. Over these years, 2D and 3D merge along with the development of online games. In the meantime, 2.5D, 2.8D and other game concepts begin to emerge gradually due to the difference of technology or understanding. However, 2D and 3D are still the most acknowledge game modes to most players. Between 2D game and 3D game, nobody can assert which one is the more excellent. The two modes have their own characteristics, both with advantages and disadvantages. It turns out that they tend to rise alternatively. Here, we would like to give a brief introduction to 3D games mostly.

1. Definition
3D game is the abbreviation of three-dimensional game. D means” Dimensional”. That’s because the point location in 3D game is determined by 3 coordinates. Space is three-dimensional, with length, width and height.

2. Features
(1)Magnificent game scene
The adoption of tridimensional space makes the game scene nice and elegant.

(2)Arbitrarily operation
In 3D game, space operation has become more arbitrary due to its design concept.

(3)Cool special effect
With three-dimensional space, some action effect can be more fluent and excellent.

3. Hardware support
Differing from common online games, 3D games have higher requirements for the hardware. To enjoy 3D games, you have to make sure you have equipped a competent computer. Otherwise, you can never enjoy the true joy, but feel frustrated since the game fails to run smoothly.

If we take the current game market into overall consideration, we have reasons to believe that 3D games have a promising future in the days to come. It’s just a matter of time. Let’s join hands and look forward to the prosperity of 3D Games.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Extreme Triathlon Game

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Nowadays, with the development of society, more and more people become to pay attention to health and environment protection. And people begin to invent some new sport that mixed with these elements, such as golf, bowling, yoga, etc. It’s the same with game market, in view of these changes, some game designers try designing some ecological sport game, which meets the needs of the new human. Fortunately, these type of games have eventually come out now. And today we are very glad to recommend one of them to you, its name is Extreme Triathlon Game.

Extreme Triathlon Game is a 3D game, integrated with swimming, cycling and running as a whole. There are 6 sportsmen in all, including you yourself. The whole match is composed of 3 parts:

Part1. Swimming:
A big swimming pool is designed, and all players are supposed to swim through the pool to enter the next part. There are masses of floating obstacles on the river, you shall try to keep away from them during your swim.

Part2. Cycling
It mainly tests the players’ cycling ability. Every player is equipped with a bicycle and are supposed to pass through a period of mall. Same with part1, there are also blockings, just evade from them, or you will get an accident.

Part3. Running
It is the last part before you come to the finishing line. In this part, the players are required to running through a period of muddy track with bare foot. It’s somewhat challenging and worse more, in your way forward; there are quite a lot of fallen logs, which you shall overstep. The player will cost a lot of strength during running, so it is very import to do some supplement by press Z continuously.

Left/Right to move
Z to dive/jump
X to swim/run

Extreme Triathlon Game will bring you unprecedented feeling, I promise!
Have a try!

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