Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Cs Portable Beta Game

CS ( Cs Portable Beta Game ) is a team-based shooting game. In 1998, Cs Portable Beta Game was produced by Valve Software company. It is a first person shooter game, belonging to the "Half-Life" (Half-Life) of one of the game module (MOD) derived from the game. WCG, CPL, ESWC and other electronic athletics game all have CS project.

Auto Join is free distribution into CT or T, start the game;Spectator is the game watching;Quit is to return to the main menu rom the server;SensivityX is to control horizontal direction sensitivity;SensivityY is to control vertical direction sensitivity.The bottom of left corner of the screen is a touch screen game iconic floating rocker; and there is a button like eyes , obviously it is the first person / third person perspective switch; the lower right corner of the two are respectively the jump and crouch button; in the right sight is the firing button (after died you can switch the main view).
3D Cs Portable Beta Game

On the top of screen , from left to right, the first is the function button to extend, after open you use the map radar and weapon (button appears in the upper right corner); then the refresh symbol natural represents for reload meaning; this is very important to facilitate learning,based on good adjustment function keys each button location on the screen (when open it all button turn red, you can drag); the next column chart button is to view the outcome score table; finally, the upper two buttons on right corner are server dialog button, and a flashlight.

Once you get going this 3D Games,you might find it hard to stop, because the game can be pretty addictive. You can always challenge your friends to play this game, just to see which one manages to reach the highest score, since competitiveness is one of the basic concepts that this game explores. For Cs Portable Beta Game, I have introduced a lot.In fact, no matter what kinds of games, if you want to be the game master, only through constant practice.

So if you love shooting game and want to have an addiction, you absolutely can not miss this game. This 3D Shooting Games has the big difference with the others shooting game and you can have the pleasant feeling in it.Here you can once again experience the kind of arrogance, that kind of be fearless and stimulus. Please join Cs Portable Beta Game,enjoy the release!

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