Sunday, March 22, 2015

Play Phosphor Beta 2 - Online 3D Games

Phosphor Beta 2 is an online shooter, ensuring hours of fun in front of all his enemies shooting. It is strongly recommended, if you like, like an earthquake or a Counter-Strike game. Before you begin, you can customize phosphorus Beta 2 buttons and controls you can also set the audio, video and configure the server to play with others online. Phosphor Beta 2 version is still a Beta, you can catch some time, but in our tests everything is working properly. Press ~, then press the invincible God, according to weapons get all weapons and ammunition 999999 and press ghosts through walls! Phosphor Beta 77.8 out of 100 150 805 after the players you play as a grade 2. Which is full of action, and has great graphics and sound effects. You must determine the opponent, and kill them with your gun.