Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Busman Parking 3d - Play on 3D Games

Busman Parking 3d is very interesting bus parking game where you have to drive a bus and park on the correct place. You have to drive and control your bus by using arrow keys and drive at the right speed as it's a parking place and other buses are parked so don't crash. In each level there is a time limit to drive and park your bus, so drive and park your bus before you run out of time, you have see the arrow which indicates your parking place and reach there to finish the level successfully. With your progress each level will be more challenging and you have to use your driving abilities to park your bus without damaging it!Play as a bus driver in this 3D parking game! Follow the directions to find your parking spot and park your bus in the correct direction. To achieve the best score possible, park the bus quickly and without crashing. You'll lose the challenge if you fail to park within the time limit or crash three times.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Burnin Rubber 5 - 3D Games

Burnin 'Rubber 5 is already the fifth installment awesome 3d racing game in which you will be on different tracks to race against other riders. Your beefy sports car is also equipped with weapons, which can be disposed of and slow down other drivers. For earned money buy new weapons and other upgrades for your car.The latest game in the Burnin' Rubber 5 series. 50(!) vehicles, 30+ challenges, boss battles and the biggest, baddest endboss you will ever encounter!Drive through the town, target cars and trucks and destroy them using the missiles and machine gun you have on you. Collect points and purchase over 15 cars and types of weapons including lasers and cannon fire. ? Features great looking 3D, bunch of cars, models and big city and, of course – huge amount of action. Complete missions as you go, shoot at enemies, collect bonuses and have fun!3D graphics, animation and sound effects of squeaking tires and many other sounds that will delight you. The game is suitable for all ages especially for race fans. We wish you great fun and even better race in this fantastic racing game! Opponents have no chance against you!Remember to come back often because we add at least one new game every day!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Play Phosphor Beta 2 - Online 3D Games

Phosphor Beta 2 is an online shooter, ensuring hours of fun in front of all his enemies shooting. It is strongly recommended, if you like, like an earthquake or a Counter-Strike game. Before you begin, you can customize phosphorus Beta 2 buttons and controls you can also set the audio, video and configure the server to play with others online. Phosphor Beta 2 version is still a Beta, you can catch some time, but in our tests everything is working properly. Press ~, then press the invincible God, according to weapons get all weapons and ammunition 999999 and press ghosts through walls! Phosphor Beta 77.8 out of 100 150 805 after the players you play as a grade 2. Which is full of action, and has great graphics and sound effects. You must determine the opponent, and kill them with your gun.

Candy Mountain Massacre Revenge - Play Online Games

Candy Mountain Massacre Revenge, a free online 3d action game united by an adult swim. Ready to enter the world of candy, shoot all use different types of weapons, your way. With the adoption of each level, the difficulty increases the enemy once! The difficulty is not to make the trip, in which as many as possible to shoot a task! You need to play the heroine fighting against the enemy, kill them. Candy Mountain land animals happy and sweet, until the plague into a lunatic killer. In this game you live candy, terminate, its task is to go to the top of the hill, sneak into the castle and master queen. She is the source of all evil. But be very careful, because it will throw everything they can at you.

High Speed 3D Racing - Free Online Primary Games

High Speed 3D Racing has you competing across twenty tracks in an effort to become the top racer. You start your career out as a rookie and slowly work your way up through the ranks. The first few races get you familiar with the car’s controls and from there you face a wide range of opponents,you will not have the right to enter all of the storylines distraction, you gradually unlock six racing challenge. You start with a simple challenge is to complete the first progress in the game drift challenge, the challenge demolition derby and so on. You can choose your track and the world (gradually unlocked), and the number before each game opponents on the track.As you complete races, you will earn prize money that can be used in the Race Illegal: High Speed 3D garage to upgrade your existing car or buy a new ride.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Skill 3D Parking Police Station Game

Steer speedy police cars into open parking spots! Skill 3d parking police station puts you into exotic vehicles. You must drive around stationary obstacles on the way to the perfect space. Don't crash your expensive car!The exciting interface and high-definition graphics will make an exhilarating play that you won't want to put down. After a full day of chasing the most wanted criminals and patrolling the city streets, at the end of your duty you need to park your vehicle at the police station and to end your shift. Show your colleagues that you are not a rookie cop, by successfully maneuvering your car to the indicated police stand. The police officers must be the best drivers because they are model for the others. You need to skillfully drive your car through various obstacles and to avoid them. Don't hit the other cars parked along the way! Can you handle the challenge? Complete each level with three stars and show the world that you are the master of the parking lot! Test your parking skills in 36 unique and cool levels and try to push your times to perfection by quickly finding the fastest and most accessible route to your parking destination.

Mobil 1 Racing Academy - Online 3D Games

Mobil 1 Racing Academy, a great racing game. Beginning of the game, you choose your mentor,, you can click to switch between the two garage doors instructors. Each tutor has three courses, schedule his lesson: Hamilton Kart, British Formula Three and the Grand Prix, and Stewart and dwarf cars, open wheel and NASCAR. Once in the game, you will accelerate, brake and steering using the [arrow keys]. When you accelerate uninterrupted, over time, will illuminate you. When lit, hitting activate it, and get extra speed jump. Use the arrow keys to control your car, improved speed. Switch to full screen mode, and even better racing experience. With exciting new features and performance enhancements, select the drive, drive as fast as you can experience the speed and passion, and win the final victory!

You want to be a hero?

You want to be a hero? 300: Grab your glory. A new chapter in the sea to take action scenes. Unity of all Greece's powerful Persian navy. It's time for the rise of an empire. You will help to combat the invasion of the Persian navy, led by the Greek general  sea battle. In combat, you basically walk around and through the power of the enemy with your sword slash your way, you can use your shield, and pull off some of the combo moves,show off their skills with a sword to kill your enemies, protect yourself by blocking attacks with your shield. Do not have to use your bow to prevent them from invading your ship last showdown, you will face your boat deck Persian sailors. Sparta join this amazing fighting game. In order to maintain the supreme honor, warriors fighting has spread to the sea. Who will be the imperial lord? Join the fight!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shooter Engine 2.4 Play Game online Free

Shooter Engine 2.4 is another unity 3d zombie shooting game. In Shooter Engine 2.4, the government send two elite trained soldiers to eliminate the zombie nest from the national laboratory. Of course, you are one of these soldiers. Use your weapons, a shotgun, a machine gun and a suppressed rifle to eliminate all zombies and to stay alive. Enjoy. Instructions:To play Shooter Engine 2.4, you will use arrow keys or W,A,S,D keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot, SPACE bar to jump and scroll or 1,2,3 keys to switch weapons.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Animal Hunter 3d - 3D Shooting Game

Animal Hunter 3D is a fun shooting game! Hunter came to the jungle alone in the face of ferocious beasts, he must remain vigilant, with the hand gun to get rid of them!

The Muck Wars – 3d games 77

The Muck Wars is a Unity 3D game that will definitely love it. Get yourself ready to go into past when Simon Welk ruled Hub City. Together with your friends you succeed to complete all the missions and get rid the planet from enemy invasion.