Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Braap Braap Game | 3D Games

Braap Braap Game
Today, we are glad to introduce you a new exciting motocross game----Braap.

The game scene is full of 3D graphics and sounding effect, therefore it’s pretty nice. There are 2 roles (male/female), 3 colors (red, blue, black) for the player to choose, you can choose your favorite combination to race. Racing track is quite wriggle and some corners are just precipitate, that’s to say, you need to be much more alert and keep flexible brain. In this game, no guard bar is offered, if there is, it’s obstacle as well. So, extra attention should be paid in case of crash on any of the guard bar. By the way, if you just dash against the guard bar, both your motorbike and you yourself will be thrown out of the track, you need to race again from the accident site. That wastes a lot of time, and I wish you no crash.

In the track, there are some special “box”, they are not obstacle, but good thing, which will bring you more bonus, so you should try your best to pick up as much ”box” as possible. On the contrary, if you knock into the guard bar (marked with “etnies”), you will get the crash penalty, so for the guard bar, you are expected to keep away from them. As I have mentioned in the beginning, the track is quite wriggle and there are some slopes. When faced with a slope, we suggest you Hold SPACEBAR before a jump to pre-load and release it as you go off the jump and get more air. Hold Z X or C before you go off a jump to do a trick. These two operations will make your race easier and more relaxed. 

Much illustration is superfluous, and real joy comes to you when you join us, join the Braap motocross. Go! Start your Braap journey now!

Play Braap Braap Game at http://www.3dgames77.com/play/61/Jet-Ski-Racing.htm
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