Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten minutes will give you a Bumblebee - 3D Drag Race Rush Game

3D Drag Race Rush is a racing car game. This game is characterized by its easy operation and vivid high-definition screen of CSR, the racing car game. Meanwhile, this game integrates classic car model, thus providing more choices for players. I bet you will relish in this game. If you like this game, then do not miss it!
With increasing racing car games, players are embracing higher expectations, especially about its screens. This game is vivid with its 3D. Such cars as Audi, Ferrari, Bumblebee, Nissan GT-R, BWM M3 will capture your heart immediately. How could this game miss eminent sound effect. In general , this game featuring prominent screens and musics is enough to be called elite. All prepared. Let’s see your driving skills.
3D Drag Race Rush Game

Fighting among  5 Streets; Speed Gets over City Night
The rule is easily understood. But the challenge is not that easy in our imagination. Every district is controlled by 5 motorcades separately, who are all skillful in driving and have excellent racing cars. In the game, players need to pass every level presented in maps. Only when you pass each level can you move to the next one. As for you, a man of no mark, how could you beat all of them and became the final winner? The key is to get awards through racing. Then you can buy Limousine and improve their performances.
Improve limos; Speed Is Your First Choice.
This game has powerful modifications system. What speed could your car reach at depends on the funds you have. When you have money you can improve your cars at will. It’s not a big deal if you do not understand what is turbocharger, engine, ECU. All that matter is your speed. If you are not satisfied with official car appearances, you can doodle them as you like. Make your own car; experience its speed.
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