Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pumpkin Hordes Game - Shooting Games

Pumpkin Head is one of the hottest games interesting and that you have prepared them in so that we can have fun as quickly and as well in a way that no one else has did it a. It seems that you will be kind of zombie hunter and you'll have to neutralize them all as quickly as possible. What you do not know this time is that they will be zombie pumpkin head and be more dangerous as the normal. They have different magical abilities, so do not let them get close to you in any way. You will have at hand a sniper where you shoot how you can you good and hard. Once you manage to knock one of them will get some lights as his soul was released and there is full of evil. You will have to deal with all the zombies and do whatever you need so that lest you lose any of the following tasks. Be prepared to not go wrong somehow, and then give us a like if you enjoyed!Halloween it's almost here, so if you like to play unity 3d halloween games, then you should play this one. Pumpkin Hordes is an unity 3d halloween game where you must stop hordes of evil pumpkins because they want to destroy Halloween. To do this, you will use a powerful sniper rifle. Prove that you are a very skilled sniper and take them down before they destroy Halloween. Play Pumpkin Hordes and have fun.