Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Highway Racer 3d - 3D Games

Highway Racer 3D is an astonishing unity 3d driving game where your biggest mission is to drive at highspeed on highway while avoiding all cars. Pass near other cars at high speeds and earn more and more money. With money, you can buy new and more powerfull cars and upgrade existing ones. You can upgrade all parts of your car, choose colors and so on. Play Highway Racer 3D and you will have alot of fun,highway Racer is an intense game of speed and dexterity, as you need to collect points by passing by cars very closely, and all that on a busy highway. More points you get – better car you can buy. In 3D highway mission you have two options to get those pesky red sports cars off the road: pick up a shield that will make your truck impervious to damage and run them over, forcing them off the highway, or pick up the ammo carts and shoot them as you close in, making them burst in flames and explode.