Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lego Ninjago The Final Battle------Who will be the final winner?

It is a 3D visual angle game based on adventure of the Ninja. Now, you can change the Ninja destiny by using various skills to. Once getting the props in the scene, Lloyd, the default character would change into the character with relevant skills, including Jay (Ice), Kai(Fire), Cold(Soil), Zane(Thunder). There are big differences in both color and fighting styles. Regardless of their styles, you’ll feel cool when you fight the enemy down.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle

1.Game Graphics
Based on 3D engine, all the graphics and scenes are almost perfect instead of traditional boring fighting process.
2.Game Sound
Equipped with separate music, the sounding effect is not bad. Moreover, it is close to the scenes. Personally speaking, I like the sounding effect of fighting and skill releasing so much, as it has a high coordination between the two.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game Online

3.Game Process
The player is supposed to be in a fixed scene, and then keep eliminating the enemies. In this process, you can change into different characters while picking up different props. It’s easy to operate as you need only to keep eliminating them. Though it’s a fast-style game and there are only six levels.
Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game

4.Game Instructions
Through out the game, you’re supposed to use the direction key and the space bar only. Since the graphics are all very fluent, the players can enjoy a nice experience.
Play Lego Ninjago The Final Battle Game

5.Game Aids
If you collect all the four skills of Ice, Fire, Soil and Thunder, you will unlock the most powerful fighting character---Gold Saints by pressing the golden clock appeared on your screen. It’s really cool and exciting!

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