Monday, April 27, 2015

Angry Gran Run: India - Best Free 2015 3d Game

Angry Gran Run India is a funny and humorous 3D game. Players need to help a gran run vehemently to avoid various bizzare obstacles and difficulties, thus accomplishing her secret running. Look at this running gran who can jump high! Who will believe she is over 50s? Without further ado, let's give her a hand.
Bang, bang, bang! You will see a door slapped by this angry gran and she is running crazily on the road. This old gran has enough strength to get over anyone who stands in her way. What happened? Unbelievably, it was because she couldn't stand with the hospital life. So she run like a hell!
Angry Gran Run: India

Game Screen:3D setting Angry Gran Run India

Being in the screen, you will suddenly find the gran lives in a prosperous city! The scenes of the street enlightened by 3D indicate she is living in a prosperous city, mirroring her steady steps. Yet her steps are certainly funny with swinging feet. It seems to tell us that she is the most running gran!
Angry Gran Run: India Game

Game Experiences:awe, speed

Gran, gran, please wait for me! This gran runs so fast. She is testing our ability to response and flexibility to move fingers! It is awesome when she hits passengers away. But be careful, or the gran will hit those bizarre obstacles, especially in the corner because she runs so vehemently. As for me, I hit the wall several times. Can the developer set a brake?

Online Angry Gran Run: India Game

Tips: Exercise, and keep healthy

Look at this fit gran, you will guess what's the secret for her sound body? That is because she exercises a lot! By integrating you into a vivid game screen, audio effect, easy operations and innovative methods, you will experience a stroke of awe and fun. The funny gran will make you laugh all the day. I bet you will not want to stop when you are in the game. Join us and play!

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