Thursday, September 1, 2011

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3D Petanque Game
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Hi! Guys! Here I come again! Today we are going to bring you a ball game------3D Petanque, which is very popular now both at home and abroad.

Petanque origins from France, and it quickly spread to the whole Europe with incredible rate. It has been warm received from the very beginning of its birth and it seems that it keeps being more and more popular around the world. Why it has been so hot? Let’s give you some introduction.

Petanque does not require big yard. A small playground will be enough. Many people enjoy playing Petanque on the beach shore. That’s a good idea! First, it is sunny and beautiful, which bring us good mood. Then, sandy beach is very comfortable to stand on, let alone play ball game. It’s just so cool!

Petanque mainly test your judge and strength. There are quite a lot of players available, you can choose one according to the brief introduction of them. Then, you start the match. For the game mode, there are 2 types: single player and multi player. Single player mode is mostly used for training as in this mode; you play 2 roles, both you and your opponents. So, if you want to take some training before formal match, Single mode is for you. Multi player mode is the formal match. In this mode, you can test your training skill. To begin, you are expected to throw out a small red ball out. Then, both your opponents and you throw another 3 balls. Whose ball nearest to the red ball will get some marks, and the one who get the most marks is to be the winner.

Petanque is based on 3D technology, including the scene, background music, sounding effect and the action effect as well. It’s really wonderful and worth a try.

Join us and get the unique joy right now!

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