Thursday, June 6, 2013

Police Pursuit Game - 3dgames77

As you like the racing game, I believe you must play a lot of racing games, such as stand-alone, network version. The super car can really give us a passion, bring the infinite vitality, especially if you win the game, you can get a lot of reward. But have you played 3D racing game? And the game is online, you can play when you load Today I will introduce such a racing game-Police Pursuit.

This is a good sense of rhythm as a online 3D games, as a racing game, your main task is responsible for the entire urban security in this game,continue to drive your police patrols in the town, and this time there will be criminals, you can see the map on bottom of the left, tracking criminals. Wait until you meet criminals, and you'll be ready, because you have to hard hit him. With the every bump, the energy will be reduced, if the impact strength is greater,the energy of criminals will reduce more, reduce the energy until the criminals to 0, then you can catch the culprit.

In the chase criminals inside Police Pursuit,you can use the keyboard arrow keys to control the direction,and use the X key you can drift. Along the way, you can see many stars, and you only need to drive the car to ran past, you could collect stars for the scores. In each level, you are on a mission. From the beginning of the first pass, your task is to pursue the two criminals, but there is a time limit. So you have to use all methods to catch the two criminals within the prescribed time,then you can win, to start the next level. Although this looks very easy, but you know, the criminal is very cunning,and he will come to do any cover by other vehicles on the road, or to get rid of your tracking by turns. Then it requires you to master the skills, you can hit the criminal car and catch them.

In the first level of this game, you are responsible for the pursuit of the two criminals, ans their action scope is very limited,which is great news for you, because you can easily catch them. But as the level of advancement, you have to chase more and more criminals, and their scope of action will be more and more big, although your time limit will continue to increase, but in general, it will be more difficult. And this is the attractive place of this game, because it is full of great challenge.

Police Pursuit game is calling to you to join, come, for security of our town, put the criminals to catch, let them go!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Online Surrender Game - 3D Games

The game has been all game players’ favorite, like some common arcade games, casual games, shooting games and so on. But different game players have different hobbies, for the love of game is not the same. Many men game players like the gunfight game,which plays more exciting, but also attracts more people, so gunfight game has a large number of game players in the world, and the number is still increasing. To recommend the new 3D game, the passion of the shootout, Play Surrender Game can let you high up!

The in 3D is Dimension (dimension) abbreviation. The location of the 3D games is decided by three coordinates (x, y, Z). Objective reality space is three-dimensional space, with a long, wide, high measure. The 3D game (3D game also known as three-dimensional game) game is relative to the two-dimensional (2D game called plane game) is concerned, because the concept of using three-dimensional space coordinates, so Play Surrender Game is more real, and arbitrary operation of space is also strong.

This 3D game is free, and you only need a few minutes to install,then you can play. As a true 3D online game, Play Surrender Game is physical properties for more realistic, more perfect new terrain, gorgeous screen, the shock of the auditory and visual feast, which can make you completely relax!

Now I will make an introduction on the fun of this game . Now in this world all the land is occupied by the enemy, and you take a hard mission, begin the hard-fought battle, and the purpose is to destroy the enemy base. In Play Surrender Game, you can use a lot of equipment, such as vehicles, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and you can even use of tanks and armored vehicles, and the most important thing is you have to know when to use which kinds of weapons, how to make good use of weapons. When you capture an enemy base, you can plug in your own national flag. When you put all the base plug in your own flag, then you make the final victory. But the battle is full of crisis, you will experience many difficulties, or even loss of life in the middle of game, so you need to make a careful perfect plan, and to implement it.

In fact, no matter what kind of games, all have a certain difficulty, which can not be so easy to pass, if so, the game is less fun. Play Surrender Game is a shooting online game, when you play you need to move the brain, only the foolhardy is not likely to be successful. Only through constant practice to master the skills, step by step,you can take the final victory!