Saturday, March 21, 2015

Skill 3D Parking Police Station Game

Steer speedy police cars into open parking spots! Skill 3d parking police station puts you into exotic vehicles. You must drive around stationary obstacles on the way to the perfect space. Don't crash your expensive car!The exciting interface and high-definition graphics will make an exhilarating play that you won't want to put down. After a full day of chasing the most wanted criminals and patrolling the city streets, at the end of your duty you need to park your vehicle at the police station and to end your shift. Show your colleagues that you are not a rookie cop, by successfully maneuvering your car to the indicated police stand. The police officers must be the best drivers because they are model for the others. You need to skillfully drive your car through various obstacles and to avoid them. Don't hit the other cars parked along the way! Can you handle the challenge? Complete each level with three stars and show the world that you are the master of the parking lot! Test your parking skills in 36 unique and cool levels and try to push your times to perfection by quickly finding the fastest and most accessible route to your parking destination.