Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mobil 1 Racing Academy - Online 3D Games

Mobil 1 Racing Academy, a great racing game. Beginning of the game, you choose your mentor,, you can click to switch between the two garage doors instructors. Each tutor has three courses, schedule his lesson: Hamilton Kart, British Formula Three and the Grand Prix, and Stewart and dwarf cars, open wheel and NASCAR. Once in the game, you will accelerate, brake and steering using the [arrow keys]. When you accelerate uninterrupted, over time, will illuminate you. When lit, hitting activate it, and get extra speed jump. Use the arrow keys to control your car, improved speed. Switch to full screen mode, and even better racing experience. With exciting new features and performance enhancements, select the drive, drive as fast as you can experience the speed and passion, and win the final victory!