Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mini Attack: Urban Combat Game - 3D Games

Mini Attack: Urban Combat
Now more and more games attract a large number of game players,and the game players are so many,especially for men,most of which like a type of war game,because these games play fresh and stimulation,and not only can improve their ability,but also physical and mental pleasure,which can be said to the biggest entertainment. Today I will introduce a classic 3D shooting game,the game like CS---Mini Attack: Urban Combat.
Mini Attack: Urban Combat - 3D Games is a super awesome 3D shooting game. In the game, game player plays a special forces from all sides, in the face of the enemy, picking up your hands weapons, and much of the fighting, growing up in the battle, and then you can continue to buy equipment upgrades. Here I will introduce the basic game playing to all game players liking shooting,and everyone can enjoy the experience.
In the 3D Games, game players can find the enemy according to the upper right corner of the radar tips;after clearance in SHOP the game player can purchase weapons and equipment, then click MISSION to continue the game. You can use a variety of weapons in the game to destroy the enemy,machine guns, grenades, pistols, and so on. Only to master the skills of different weapons, you can put the weapon's power to the maximum, to defeat the enemy, and have the final victory!
How to start:After installing the plugin, you may click on the new game, then press the space bar twice, then mobile character to the red arrows, finally according to the prompt to enter the game began fighting. Operating instructions: mouse is aiming shooting,and WASD control the moving. The Q key is to switch the weapons, E is the bullet using time (energy).Then the R is loading, the space bar to throw grenades, and Tab bond suspended. Note: you can not click the more games  in start interface and A10 on the bottom of the game, otherwise it will appear white screen.
If you want to be in the game master, there is no other way, only through constant practice, constantly sum up experience can. In fact, this game is very suitable for leisure to play, not only can relax, you can also exercise their ability to response. If you like to challenge myself, So fun a 3D game, how can a game player loving war miss? Mini Attack: Urban Combat can not give you the different feeling, the different shock of hearing.

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