Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mall Cop - 3D Games

Patrol the Mall.Safety depends on you!Check all mall security systems when required. Chase down and stop any reported criminals and be mindful at the shoppers.

Mall Cop instructions Mall Cop is the name and security is the game! Keep shoppers safe and commerce out of the hands of criminals as you patrol the mall on your sweet personal transporter. Collect points, turn off alarms, and chase down thieves before they get away – but don’t annoy too many shoppers or you’ll find yourself patrolling the unemployment office. With 3 areas to patrol and 3 progressive levels, including night patrol, Mall Cop is surefire fun! Play now!
When a security system turns red, drive over and turn it back to green. If a criminal is reported in the mall, drive over and chase him down. To catch a criminal, simply drive into one.

Up Arrow———-> Accelerate
Down Arrow——–> Decelerate/reverse
Left/Right Arrows-> Turn

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